“I pride myself on my versatility as a journalist to the extent that it’s rare when I meet another journalist and tell myself, ‘under no circumstances could I do what he does, as well as he does it.’ But that pretty nicely sums up my sentiments about you — you are seriously hard-core as an in-the-field journalist/correspondent. I am in awe of your commitment to your craft and your faith, and the whole time we were in Israel I was watching you and taking mental notes about how I can emulate you to be a better journalist and a better Christian man.”

J.G. Askar, Desert News


“Russ has a gift with words, telling a story with film (tape), and an eye for great subject matter/material”

Bryan Seltzer, Director / Sr Editor, International Press Association


“Russ Jones is the complete package, a picture of ministry, marketing, journalism and entrepreneurship – Mr. Jones not only offers perhaps the most well rounded evangelical perspective on news and events; but has the business and distribution acumen to get the stories out there to the largest audience possible – without cutting corners on ethical operations.”

Dean Peters, Writer, Editor, Administrator, Programmer, Analyst, HealYourChurchWebsite.com


“When I worked as a competitor to Russ, I found him a detail-oriented, conscientious reporter. He really seems to have found his calling with the Chronicle, though, and I wish him and Jackie all the best — look forward to reading the Chronicle each month!”

Scott Roberts, Former Assignment Editor, KFDI


“Russ is creative, energetic and connected, tenacious in the pursuit of excellence, willing to take a risk where necessary, and a rare “big picture” visionary who also digs into vision to sweat and toil and make the dream reality. Russ is very comfortable to work with. He’s a team player who comes alongside people, then rolls up his sleeves and knows how to work to get the job done in an easy going, relational way.  A rare breed.”

Timothy Conner, Coordinator/President, The Missional Church Network

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