Russ JonesFor over 20 years Russ Jones has sought to investigate where news of the day and faith intersect. As a veteran journalist, Jones was often criticized for his faith while working in mainstream media. He is a correspondent for American Family Radio and regular contributor for Crosswalk.com. He has provided news reports on Christian networks like CBN and the Total Living Network.

In early 2013 he launched Christian News Service. CNS exists to assist organizations and businesses share information through media outlets across the globe.

CNS provides two primary services:

For Content Producers/Organizations – we provide PR agencies and organizations a venue to reach the Christian market. 

For News Journalists – we provide a news gathering service and show prep material to support your news operation.

In addition to providing news release distribution, we also write press releases, news editorials, news articles, produce news packages for radio and television.  Although CNS is based in the United States, our news may come from any side of the world, addressing our subscribers from specific countries, and international audiences.

Jones has established himself as a Christian “Indiana Jones” reporting on events such as the catastrophic earthquake that ravaged Haiti, the Joplin tornado crisis, Christian persecution in India, the tragic BP Oil Spill, the West Bank and Israel.

In 2012 he covered the presidential elections in Belarus.

In the PR space, he has served as press secretary for a number of political campaigns. In 2013 he coordinated social media for the pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC, Winning Our Future.

As a former NBC reporter and Christian newspaper publisher he has been honored with multiple awards.

To book Russ Jones for your next event call 316.644.6185 or e-mail:  russ@christiannewsservice.com.


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